News about leather mask strap!

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Getting individual orders of mask strap gladly! And very happy to announce that these are now available at the lovely hair salon in Chiba Fab as well! Also will be available at Regal Rocker in Berlin soon! Hope you will find your favorite color of it and let’s stay healthy! If you would like to order it by online, please click here!

マスクストラップ、お陰様で好評につき個別オーダーをたくさんいただいております。minneやInstagram やウェブサイトからのご連絡でももちろんお買い求めいただけますが、この度、千葉駅近くの技術も雰囲気もバツグンのヘアサロン、Fabさん店頭でも販売開始しております!お店ではかわいい手作りマスクも販売しています。ベルリンのRegal Rocker でも近日中に販売開始予定です!



So happy that getting orders of mask straps everyday! It’s very practical and simple and stress free for your daily life with mask. It’s also perfect as a small gift. Currently camel, Blue, Natural colors are sold out and the rest of colors are only 1 each left. I’m trying to produce more right now therefore, those colors will be available next week! So looing forward to announce it to all of you next week!


You could hook the thin rubber band directly though, in case if it’s little thicker like the photo above. You could hook the strap like this .↑ 🙂



Have a lovely weekend!


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