Replaced to new button for an old purse.

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This coin purse is one of the first purse I made for my father when I’ve just started leather craft. Since then he uses it everyday. As you can see the video above an old button is almost useless after many years of daily use.
You can see how I replace to new one today!


First, you need to take the old button carefully not to give any damage to the leather.


Since the leather is turned into nice and beautiful light brown color, I replace to new brass button this time. You could hear the sound is totally different with new button! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or request for repairing.


Key ring with stamps

Thank you for your order!

Here is the one of the most popular product. This key ring is made with very fine Italian leather. Especially this beautiful light brown color leather and gold color parts combination is popular for female customers. On the other hand, the combination with silver color parts inspire you chic and cool so, it could perfectly fit male customers as well. It’s very chic and elegant. I’m happy to take request to stamp on it if you would like to make it more special.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any request! 🙂


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Bespoke smart phone case- mustard yellow


I’ll show you more details of this beautiful mustard yellow colored leather smart phone purse since we are getting orders of yellow color products theses days. I guess you might get some inspiration from the nature when you see the colors of leaves. I just love to see those beautiful colors especially in this season.


Had so much fun to make this bespoke purse. First had a meeting with a client to collect all the requests and ideas. I always bring some samples for the meeting which could help the client to get some more imagination clearly. As a client’s request I hand dyed a leather to this mustard yellow.


This time chose dark green fabric for lining with a small card sleeve and made another card sleeve outside of the purse as a request. You can see the color combinations of mustard yellow and dark green, isn’t it nice?


So, how do you like this practical purse? Please feel free to send me any questions regarding custom made, or repairing etc…will be so happy to discuss with you!