Bespoke magenta pink smart phone case

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Here is the bespoke magenta pink colored leather smart phone case. I hand dyed natural cow leather into this bright pink color as a client request. Also we discuss about the design and made by all hand stitched.


As you can see the photo above, there is card sleeves on the left side. The design itself is quite simple but also quite practical.


Since the smart phone is release new models from various company quite frequently I only make this kind of smart phone case only when I get an order. However you’re always welcome to receive the request and even just a question so that we could discuss what I could suggest for your request. Please feel free to send me any question. It doesn’t cost anything! 🙂



Custom made Italian leather key ring

Custom made Italian leather key ring. Do you recognize the difference between this and our usual key ring? They look very much similar though this is not straight the bottom is getting little wider as a client’s request. And it’s little bit shorter than our usual one since the client will use it with car key and easy to carry in your hand and in your pocket.

These are our usual key ring.



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Green leather mask strap is here!

Due to receiving many orders some of the colors were sold out last week though now they are all available! and new color is also here! It’s green!
What is your favorite color?




Custom made key rings

Normally, the color of our key rings are Black, Dark brown, Camel, Red etc… but if you would like to have the one of other color, please feel free to contact me. In that case, I sometimes hand dyed leather to find the right color for the client. This blue leather key ring is one of them.
As a request, red and blue leather with gold ring and buttons and stamps.
It could be also very special gift as well!
Thank you for the order!





So happy that getting orders of mask straps everyday! It’s very practical and simple and stress free for your daily life with mask. It’s also perfect as a small gift. Currently camel, Blue, Natural colors are sold out and the rest of colors are only 1 each left. I’m trying to produce more right now therefore, those colors will be available next week! So looing forward to announce it to all of you next week!


You could hook the thin rubber band directly though, in case if it’s little thicker like the photo above. You could hook the strap like this .↑ 🙂



Have a lovely weekend!


Bespoke leather handle cover for back pack

Do you have anything special which you wish to keep it even if it gets really old or little bit broken? It always nice to have a request to repair or to suggest/ create alternative thing for someone’s favorite belongings. 🙂 Of course it’ s not always possible though still, I would like to try as much as possible.


This removable handle cover was made by a request who wish to keep use the back pack daily basis even though the handle is getting old and little broken.


It is custom made. The client chose Navy blue smooth Italian leather, Camel color soft leather as liner, Bronze color buttons and blue thread. It was perfectly fit with the handle since I measured before. So nice to see the happy face of the client.

Thank you for the order!




[New]Leather mask strap

Since wearing mask is becoming normal style, this leather mask strap will help you to reduce your stress a little bit. It’s quite convenient especially when you drink and eat something. Since the leather is only 1 mm thick it hardly bother you.

You could check color variation below.






From left ; Natural, Black, Camel, Dark brown…… and….

Blue, Yellow, Red