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shoko_igeta is a hand made leather products brand has a concept as “enjoy the changing”.
Everything in this world is changing like the weather, trend, our life and of course the leather as well.
Our goal is to enjoy the changing instead of struggling or fight against these of changes to make our life more precious.

The leather will change the color and texture as time goes by this is very much like our aging.  If you have well made leather products  with very fine designed and materials you will enjoy these entire changing procedure in your life long.

Not only to achieve the goal but also to be grateful and respect all the beautiful materials,  I carefully chose very fine materials. Also to make the material shine designed simply but at the same time beautiful and practical. And of course all hand made so that will belong your life.


Shoko Igeta (井下田 祥子)

Born in Chiba, Japan 1980’s.

I’m Berlin based designer for leather products. All of my products are self designed and hand made with high quality Italian leather. I fell in love with leather craft when I stayed in Australia and started to learn and make small things such as wallet, small bags, belts etc… during that period, I learned very basic skills how to produce and how to make the pattern etc. Then I found an order made belts shop in Berlin; “Hoffnung Berlin”. and started to work as an intern since I was hoping to learn more new skills. and now, I’m still working there to design new leather accessories.

Also, I launched my own hand made leather products brand shoko_igeta. at the same time, launched web shop both for Japan. The web shop for EU is currently unavailable though please contact me directly if you would like to order.

such as; (for Japan ) (for Japan)

Also, had several exhibition and workshop event in Japan. there, you could see and touch my products and also am very happy to hear your opinions and request!Therefore, you could purchase all my products from these website. and also am taking individual special order. so, please feel free to contact me if you have any request or questions!

In this website, you could see my work both for own my brand shoko_igeta and in the workshop of “Hoffnung berlin”, and sometimes my life in Berlin. 🙂


千葉県出身 ベルリン在住


双子座 A型

好きなこと、もの: 革、手仕事、料理、お菓子作り、食べること、海水浴、散歩、ピクニック、猫、マーケット巡り、ピアノ、テニス、サイクリング、海、古道具(主に食器、家具、照明)








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