shoko_igeta will come back to Japan Tag in Düsseldorf again!

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I’m happy to announce that my products will be at Japan Tag in Düsseldorf this coming Saturday!
Unfortunately, I can’t be there this time unfortunately though you will find some of my new products at there, too!
In our booth you will find lots of beautiful handcrafts and accessories made by Japanese artists.
Please pop in our booth if you are nearby or you’ve already planned to go there!!

今週末、デュッセルドルフで開催される”Japan Tag”というフェスティバルに出店します!
今回は残念ながら商品だけ現地入りしており、私は当日おりませんがブース内には日本人作家の手作り作品や、アクセサリーなどたくさんありますので、お近くの方、もしくはすでにJapan Tag行かれる予定の方はぜひお立ち寄りください!

At the evening, you can expect spectacular fireworks!!