shoko_igeta will come back to Regal Rocker in Berlin from June!!

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I’m super excited to announce that my products will be back at Regal Rocker in Berlin from 1st of June since I got request!
It was such a nice surprise for me that some of you are still remember my products and willing to have them!!
It gives me so much energy to create more new products as well!

ありがたいことにお客様からたくさんのお問合せをいただいているとのことで6月1日~ベルリンのRegal Rocker にて商品を再度販売させていただくことになりました!

The shop is located in very nice area in Prenzlauerberg. You will find lots of nice hand made stuff from many artists at there!
There are some nice cafe and restaurants, too in that area so, please pop in and find and touch my products!

Unfortunately, some of the products were sold quite well at Japan Tag in Düsseldorf though you will find some of my new creation and definitely will release more at there, too!
Thank you so much for coming who popped in our booth on that day!! It would be way much better to see you though hopefully next time!
先週末デュッセルドルフのJapan Tagに出展した際に一部商品がほぼ売り切れてしまったので、少し品薄のものもありますが、ベルリンでは販売していなかった新作含め順次リリース予定ですのでお楽しみにー!!
Japan Tagにお越しいただいた方、今回はお会いできず残念でしたが、ありがとうございました!!

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