[ order made] belt of camera lens

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Got a special order of belt for this very expensive camera lens. Because the metal plate needs to be in the lens but it easily dropped. Therefore the customer asked me if I could make the special belt as a stopper of this plates and also as a cover of the lens.


Made this square hole the plate so that it will be movable for focusing. The belt made with double side of black cow leather and bronze colored button so that it’s easy to open and close since the customer needs quite many plate for every situation.

I was bit nervous when I finally put it on his camera. but I was so relief and happy to hear the customer gave me good feed back! It was my first challenge to make this kind of belt though it was fun!

shoko_igeta is taking special order. of course it’ will depends on the product though please feel free to contact me when you have some request or question! I will be happy to discuss with you! 🙂






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