Key ring with stamps

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Here is the one of the most popular product. This key ring is made with very fine Italian leather. Especially this beautiful light brown color leather and gold color parts combination is popular for female customers. On the other hand, the combination with silver color parts inspire you chic and cool so, it could perfectly fit male customers as well. It’s very chic and elegant. I’m happy to take request to stamp on it if you would like to make it more special.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any request! 🙂


Custom made Italian leather key ring

Custom made Italian leather key ring. Do you recognize the difference between this and our usual key ring? They look very much similar though this is not straight the bottom is getting little wider as a client’s request. And it’s little bit shorter than our usual one since the client will use it with car key and easy to carry in your hand and in your pocket.

These are our usual key ring.



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